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Catch 2215-22 Magazine Adapter

Catch 2215-22 Magazine Adapter

A precision cut AR15 magwell adapter shim to fit Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 magazines making them the correct fit for milspec Ar15 magwells.

Sold individually, one adapter needed per magazine.

M&P 15-22 magazines are slightly shorter front-to-back than an AR15 magazines, this means there is a tendence for movement when inserted into a standard milspec AR15 magwell.

When fitted to the front of the M&P15-22 magazine the precision cut adapter shim makes the M&P15-22 magazine the same  width as a regular AR15 magazine. Allowing M&P15-22 magazines to be used in any AR15 lower, including the Kriss Defiance.

Importantly M&P 15-22 magazines operate the Catch22 bolt hold open catch and Kriss Defiance mechanisms with 100% reliability when fitted on AR15 .22s.

The precision cut plastic shim has a slippery surface finish with a very strong 3M adhesive layer, simply peel off and apply.

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