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The LANTAC LA-SF15™ offers the shooter a completely Milspec .22LR Semi Automatic Rifle at unbeatable pricing. Designed to compete with the Tippmann 22 and others, the LA-SF15™ .22LR is assembled from completely 100% 'Milspec' receivers, manufactured from Certifed, Aerospace Grade 7075-T6 Alloy with  industry standard Type 3 Hardcoat Anodising, Class2, Deep Black. These receivers are 100% original AR15 components, so customers can also mount Straight Pull .223 Upper Assembles to their lowers if required. These are real AR15 parts not specifically machined receivers with different dimensions and designs.

The LA-SF15™ .22LR Upper Receiver takes a standard AR15 barrel extension and the solid steel .22LR Barrels are specially manufactured to fit this standard too.

We utilise CMMG 1:16 Twist 4140  Steel Barrels that we chamber in house .22 Bentz for improved accuracy . These barrels are then Cerakoated black to finish. The LA-SF15™ .22LR will reliably load, fire & live round extract  .22LR ammunition and the only restriction is the use of 'Stinger' rounds that are not suitable for the rifles Match Grade Chamber. 

Stainless Steel CMMG .22LR Evolution Bolts and adapter collars are also used and these are specially machined, polished and blended with the chamber for reliable feeding function. The rifle is designed to function with Standard Velocity ammunition like CCI Standard and the use of MiniMag is not required to get reliable cycling of the action. 

Manufactured & Assembled in Fort Worth, Texas, USA, not China.  The LA-SF15™ .22LR features 100% original Magpul furniture designed for real AR15's. We do not use airsoft parts of any description. Our components are USA sourced, made from certified materials within the USA, in this way we maintain the highest quality standards available for our product line.

Each LA-SF15™ .22LR comes complete with Magpul MOE Stock, MOE Grip and a MOE 'Winter' style (more space for gloved hand access) Trigger Guard. The MOE Grip features a storage compartment in its base and all furniture is manufactured from industry leading fiber reinforced polymer.

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£1195.00 INC VAT

The LA-SF15™ .22LR comes as standard with our ultra light SPADA-ML 13.5'' Handguard, precision machined from 6065-T6 extruded alloy, it features Gen2 Magpul MLOK slots at 3,6 & 9 O'clock positions.  This ultra light handguard and other careful weight saving measures result  in a rifle weighing 5.83lb (2.64Kg) unloaded.  By contrast the Defiance weighs in at 6.6lb  (2.99Kg), thats .77lb (.349Kg) heavier.


The LA-SF15™ .22LR features  tried and tested industry standard equipment, last round hold open comes as standard too and is achieved through the use of the Catch22 bolt release catch and Smith & Wesson M&P 15/22 25Rnd Polymer Magazines. The rifle comes complete with one magazine and extra magazines are available through our online store. We also supply 10Rnd magazines for those shooters not requiring the extra capacity. Trigger units are the excellent ALG  QMS which are viewed as the finest 'Milspec' triggers on the market.

Every LA-SF15™ .22LR  features an 11° target crown that we machine in house. The barrel is finished with an A2 Style Compensator and crush washer. Muzzle threads are industry standard 1/2-28 UNEF, so customers can upgrade their muzzle devices without any fit issues.

Go Compact! For an additional charge we will shorten the 16'' .22LR barrel to 12.5'' and install a 10.5'' SPADA-ML Handguard. 

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Many upgrade options are available. Please contact us on +44(0)1423 782004 to discuss your requirements.

Caliber: .22LR.
16.0'' 1:16 Twist, M4 profile, 4140 CM, SBN. Precision 11° Crowned.
Chamber & Feedramp machined & polished, full inspection.
A2 compensator threaded 1/2-28.
SPADA-ML 12.5'' or 13.5" Ultra Light Handguard.
Magpul MOE 'Winter' Trigger Guard.
Full Length Ejection Port Cover.
Magpul MOE Black Polymer Pistol Grip.. 
Magpul MOE Black Polymer Stock.
Forged 7075-T6 AR15 Receiver Set. Certfied Alloy, 100% original parts.
Trigger Type: Milspec Single Stage, ALG QMS + JP Spring, lightened to 4.0LB (Approx).
Catch22 bolt release catch with last round hold open.
Smith & Wesson M&P 15/22 25Rnd Magazine.
Weight: 5.82lbs (2.644Kg) (Unloaded).
Length: 31.5'' (80.1cm) (Stock collapsed).

*Shown with Optional Magpul MBUS Front and Rear Sights. Sold Separately.

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