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Onyx Straight Pull Rifle
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The Onyx CP-R360 Domed Head Cam Pin reduces friction and wear to the upper receiver and creates a much smoother operation of the working parts. It is Swiss precision turned from 17-4PH (Precipitation Hardened) Stainless Steel and heat treated to H900 condition. A noticeable improvement to function can be identified.

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Lantac Smoothcam AR15 Cam Pin
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Radiiused Cam Pin Recess.

Reduces friction and wear

Improved Cam Pin / Receiver


Lantac CP-R360 Cam Pin

Welcome to the ultimate in contemporary styling with our ONYX receiver set that features  exceptional design, construction, and performance. Designed in the UK and manufactured in our Fort Worth, Texas facility, the ONYX receiver set has a sleek and sophisticated appearance that sets it apart from other rifle designs.

Deep Black MIL-STD-A-8625, Type III, Hardcoat Anodizing provides excellent corrosion resistance, ensuring the firearm maintains its stunning looks over time. All parts are anodized before any paint finish is applied so that the alloy is always protected properly. 

Designed to be compatible with AR-15 systems & accessories, the Onyx receiver set offers versatility, allowing for customization and integration with various accessories and parts. Its compatibility with different components ensures ease of assembly and flexibility, catering to individual preferences and needs.

Beyond its looks, the Onyx receiver set contributes to improved firearm performance. The precision-machined components aid in tighter tolerances and excellent parts fit, increasing rigidity and reducing receiver set movement, deflection and distortion. Additionally, the robust construction and quality materials contribute to the overall reliability and longevity of the firearm.

We supply complete rifle systems based on the ONYX receiver set in Semi Auto .22LR or Straight Pull .223 Wylde, 300 Blackout & 9mm.

Straight Pull specifications can be found on our RAVEN STRAIGHT PULL rifle page with the only difference between the RAVEN and the ONYX being the receiver set itself. 

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Fitted as standard with a radiused cam pin recess and our CP-R360 patented domed head cam pin our Straight Pull ONYX rifles feature reduced friction and wear technology for ultra slick operation of the working parts through the dedicated charging handle system.

Lantac Onyx AR15 Rifle

The LA-XR15 ONYX lower receiver features an internally flared magwell that assists in magazine alignment and positioning under stress. The magwell is broach cut rather than milled so that internal wall surfaces are smooth with sharp corners, as defined by the original military specification.

A spotface cut has been added to the rear takedown pin area so that the pin is easier to access when necessary.

A built in 'Winter' style trigger guard offers increased strength, improved ergonomics and can accommodate a gloved finger  when required.


LA-XR15 ONYX Flared


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lantac E-BCG enhanced bolt carrier group 223 556
E-BCG, Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group

Lantac's Straight Pull E-BCG® (Enhanced Bolt Carrier Group) is a patented design that uses completely milspec, tried and tested quality materials. The carrier is precision machined from 8620 steel that is heat treated to a 15N Rockwell hardness of 89.5-91.0. Critical diameters are hard turned/ ground so that perfect dimensions are maintained. The E-BCG® features a Carpenter 158 Bolt that again is hard turned after treatment.

It is S110 shot peened and 15N Rockwell heat treated to 89-90.5 hardness.


All bolts are MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspected) for defects prior to coating and all parts are QPQ (Quench Polish Quench) Nitrided to AMS2753B standards, for improved corrosion resistance and lifespan. 

Lantac's BCG's have undergone Defense Standards (DEFSTAN 00-035) 72hr Salt Fog trials and surpassed the requirement with minimum corrosion evident on  both the carrier & bolt, as compared to the standard MIL-DTL-16232G Manganese Phosphated BCG's. 


Semi Auto 65,000 round count bolts have undergone MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspection), 

Radiography & Microscope analysis that revealed only minor surface crack initiation to the lugs,  while standard M4 bolts usually fail at circa 12,000 rounds with crack initiation and propagation causing the lug to fail on either side of the extractor recess. 

 Straight Pull shooters can rest assured our parts are of the highest quality and reliability.  

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dedicated bcg.png

The Straight Pull E-BCG® has been completely redesigned from a standard BCG and features a dedicated carrier intended for use solely in Straight Pull ARs.  A lubrication port  is machined into the side of the carrier so that oil or grease can be applied with the carrier and bolt in battery. The port aligns perfectly with a lubrication reservoir on the tail of the bolt, allowing the user to lubricate the mechanism without having to disassemble the rifle system. 

The carriers alignment guide is lightened and the tail of the carrier is flared for improved concentricity and alignment within the upper receiver, this in turn improves accuracy and has been independently tested and confirmed by the US DoD. 

Charging handles can be swapped out at will and together with three grip styles a short handle base is also included. This gives the shooter up to six different handle configuration options to choose from, at no additional cost. 

Mounting of the side charging arm is achieved with the use of a 1/4 X 28 Tpi, Grade 8 fastener and a recessed mounting slot is machined into the carrier that offers a flat and secure surface. Additionally an index pin on the bottom of the handle prevents rotation of the arm and works with the screw to form an extremely robust assembly.

While our Patented charging handle designs have been sadly (and badly) copied in the past our customers can rest assured they are purchasing not only the best looking system on the market but the most ergonomic & flexible too.

lantac cam pin

Lubrication Port

CP-R360 Domed Head Cam Pin.

Stubby Handle Base

A completely modular charging handle system comes as standard and offers the shooter the flexibility of either a knurled, neoprene or original steel and rubber grip design. Handles are precision Swiss turned and QPQ Nitrided. Arms are machined from 316 Stainless Steel, handles are then TIG welded in place and dressed.

ONYX SP without optic.jpg

Available in multiple configurations and barrel lengths the LA-XR15 ONYX Rifle has a massive specification out of the box. Each rifle is fully upgraded with Lantac RPS (Ratchet Plate Castle Nut), UPS-S Ultimate Take Down Pin Sets, Armaspec Magazine Button and Geissele G2S Triggers. Other variants also available.


Billet Certified 7075-T6 AR15 Receivers. Internal Flared Magwell, Spotface Takedown. Upper Receiver, radiused cam pin recess, precision bore and barrel extension mounting surfaces.


Type III, Class II Hardcoat Anodising to MIL-A-8625. Deep Black No:37038. 

Bolt Carrier Group:

Lantac E-BCG dedicated side charging straight pull system, domed head cam pin, spring assisted unlocking.


18.0’’ 1:8 Twist. 416R Stainless Steel, Nitrided to AMS2753B standards. Other lengths available.


½-28 UNEF (.223 Wylde & (x19mm Parabellum), ⅝-24 UNF (300 Blackout), 11° Target Crown.


.223 Wylde, .762x35mm (300 Blackout), 9x19mm Parabellum.


Lantac Spada®-ML™ 15.0’’ Freefloat. Other lengths available.


Geissele G2S, 2 Stage, 4.5lb total pull. Other options available.


Upgraded, Radian Talon Ambidextrous Safety Selector, Radian Raptor Ambidextrous Charging Handle, Armaspec Magazine Button, Lantac UPS-S Stainless Steel Nitrided (AMS2753B) Takedown Pin Set, Ambidextrous Magazine Catch, Lantac Stainless Steel Nitrided (AMS2753B)  BC-Pro Bolt Catch.


Magpul CTR, Black Polymer. 6 Position Milspec Buffer Tube. .750'' Enhanced Buttpad, Lantac RPS (Ratchet Plate System) Castle Nut & End Plate with QD Sling attachment point. Other options available.


Magpul Pmag 30Rnd, Black Polymer. Other options available.

Weight Magazine Unloaded:

7.3Lb (3.31Kg). 

Length Stock Collapsed:

35.5'' (90.17cm).

Length Stock Extended:

39'' (99.06cm).


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Add a Vortex Optics RAZOR HD Gen III 1-10X24 FFP Scope and a Pro 34mm CVP-34 Cantilever Mount at a massively discounted bundle price of £4855.00 including VAT.  That's the optic and mount combo included for an additional £2360.00 over the rifle cost.

The next evolution of the popular Razor line, the Razor HD Gen III 1-10x24 brings the highest level of first focal plane performance to those who demand the versatility of 1-10x power. Military, law enforcement, and competition shooters alike will love the clarity of an HD optical system and a crisp, illuminated reticle in a package that weighs the same as the 1-6x, but doesn’t sacrifice any durability. A true 1x on the low end and daylight bright illumination for reliable performance in all conditions makes this a single solution for close-quarters and long-range. Features an EBR-9 Reticle in either MOA or MRAD (please specify at time of ordering).


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