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Lantac UK Tech

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L119A2 with a Lantac E-BCG Bolt Carrier Group. Way back in 2016...

Paul Shawcross
Iain Clark

do they still use lantac bolts in their L119A2??


3D Printing is a vital tool for product development.

Lantac LA-M4 Battle Raven in early stages of design.


Iain Clark

Is the LA-M4 Battle Raven lower available for 5.56mm builds ??


You cannot purchase extruded 7075-T6 so these special project handguards were deep hole drilled and then wire EDM cut out of a massive block of 7075-T6. We then machined the outer surfaces and cut M-Lok slots. Probably the strongest handguards on the planet....

Frank Kelly
Iain Clark

Clean, bright, perfectly cut threads. The quality of our Gunsmithing work speaks for itself...

5/8-24 on the left 1/2-28 on the right.

Iain Clark
Steven Moseley


Technical assistance and information group...


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