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UPS-Ti™ Ultimate Takedown Pin Set (Titanium)

UPS-Ti™ Ultimate Takedown Pin Set (Titanium)

Ultimate Takedown Pin Set.

Precision machined on Swiss style turning centers our Ultimate Takedown Pin sets are manufactured from the highest quality materials to the highest standards.
They ship complete with our 3D printed rear pin removal tool (RTT™).
The Patent Pending UPS™ (Ultimate Pin Set) allows the user to install and remove an AR15 Pivot Pin without the use of a tool. 
The unique design incorporates a ramped groove that holds the detent in place at the time of installation and another ramp allows access to the retaining slot 
at 90° to groove. 
Pins feature Patent Pending aggressively crenulated heads for improved grip, this facilitates easier removal of the pin from the receiver.
The rear pin features the same retaining slot and ramp, meaning that it can be removed easily by sliding it to a halfway position and then rotating. 
This causes the takedown detent to ride up the ramp and onto the outer surface of the pin, making remove extremely simple.
Our UPS™ Pin system has a built in safety feature that can be utilized by anyone wanting to make it difficult for an Upper Receiver to be fitted to a Lower Receiver.
To render a lower receiver inoperable the user can quickly remove the front Pivot Pin (Spring & Detent) and insert it through the rear Takedown pin hole from 
the other side of the receiver. Then remove the rear Takedown and allow the Pivot Pin to retain its detent. 
If the pin is rotated so that the detent registers with the groove on its end then it becomes impossible to remove the pin without removing the castle nut and end plate.  
It is now impossible to mount an upper receiver group to the lower and have a functioning assembly. 
Pins are manufactured from Grade 5 Titanium and left in a natural finished condition.

Material: Titanium, 6AL-V4GR5
Finish: Natural.
Weight: Pivot Pin: .15oz, Takedown: .10oz
Manufactured in the USA.


Please see our Youtube channel for Instructions.

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